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What is Agarwood

Agarwood is a resinous wood that occurs in trees belonging to the Aquilaria genus, Thymelaeceae family. Now listed as an endangered species as defined by CITES, Aquilaria is a fast growing, archaic tropical forest tree. It is found generally in Southeast Asia, from the foothills of the Himalayas to the forest of Papua New Guinea. The tree grows in natural forests up to an altitude of about 1000 metres, with an ideal altitude of 500 metres. It can grow in a wide range of soils including poor sandy soil.

In Asia Agarwood is known as “Gaharu” by the Indonesians/Malaysians and as “Chen Xiang” in Chinese. The formation of Agarwood occurs in the trunk and roots of Aquilaria trees that have been infected by a type of fungus. A dark resinous heartwood called the “Gaharu” is formed in result of the infection and is highly valued for its distinctive fragrance used for incense and perfumes.

A kilogram of highly valued unprocessed “Gaharu” heartwood can fetch as much as RM10,000 per Kilogram. And the distilled “Gaharu” essential oil can command up to RM100,000 per Kilogram and the price is expected to rise due to the increasing international demand. The leaves of the tree is processed into Gaharu tea and also highly sought after by the Chinese and Japanese for its many medicinal qualities.

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