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Agarwood Tea

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Agarwood Tea Agarwood Tea

​Agarwood Tea is made from a fine harvest of agarwood leaves and heartwood to bring you a exclusive tea blend.

​This premium blend of 100% pure agarwood leaves provides you with a beautiful flavour and also contains various health benefits.

​- Anti-carcinogenic, anti-oxidant and anti-aging.
​- Reduces insomnia (Sleepinng difficulty).
​- Maintains, stabilizes and reduces blood sugar level for diabetics.
​- Stress reliever and produces calming effect.
- Stabilizes and lower blood pressure.
​- Reduces uric acid (Gout).
​- Improves constipation, abdominal cramps, gassing, diarrhoea, sensitive bowels (IBS).
​- Treats liver function and is a tonic for a healthier liver.

10 sachets pack in pack
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